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Rena' Rosselt's Private Photo Album page 2
Rena Rosselt, A World War I Soldiers Photo Album
The following photographs and/or newspaper articles are from Rena' Rosselt's private photo album. It was started by Rena' while he, and his fellow Belgian soldiers were en route to Russia, but it was not to be for Rena' to finish his album, for he was killed in action before he could complete it, but one of his comrades did finish it for him, including photos of Rena' Rosselt's funeral, and some photos of the places the Expeditionary Corps went too, while they were traveling home to Belgium.
It became a commemorative of his death, and the deaths of the other 15 Belgian casualties, while the Belgian Expeditionary Corps was fighting in Russia.

Belgium National Anthem

Belgian soldiers of the Expeditionary Corps in a village in Siberia.

Several Belgian soldiers pose with some Koreans, as they traveled through that country on their trek home.

This picture shows the Belgian Expeditionary Corp, going through Siberia, on their way to a Russian seaport to catch a ship to the United States, then travel on to their home in Belgium.

This news article has several photos of the Belgium Expeditionary Corp and their armored cars and other equipment as they arrived in Galacia, Russia to fight the Austrians.

Troops waiting to board troop trains, that you can see in the background.

This photo show members of the Belgium Expeditionary Corps, forming up to get on the troop trains in the background, which will take them to Vladivostok, Russia, to catch their ship to the United States, then home to Belgium.

Picture of a Russian battleship anchored in the harbor, with the American ship SS Sheridan in the background coming in to the harbor and getting ready to anchor in Vladivostok, Russia, and than load-up some of the Belgian soldiers and take them to San Francisco, California. U. S. A..

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