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Rena' Rosselt's Private Photo Album page 3
Rena Rosselt, A World War I Soldiers Photo Album
The following photographs and/or newspaper articles are from Rena' Rosselt's private photo album. It was started by Rena' while he, and his fellow Belgian soldiers were en route to Russia, but it was not to be for Rena' to finish his album, for he was killed in action before he could complete it, but one of his comrades did finish it for him, including photos of Rena' Rosselt's funeral, and some photos of the places the Expeditionary Corps went too, while they were traveling home to Belgium.
It became a commemorative of his death, and the deaths of the other 15 Belgian casualties, while the Belgian Expeditionary Corps was fighting in Russia.

Belgium National Anthem

Belgian soldiers anxiously waiting their turn to board these small boats, that will carry them to their ship that is anchored out in the harbor.

With all of the troops on board, the Belgian soldiers are off to new adventures, that await them in the United States.

The Belgian soldiers are warmly welcomed to the United States, by the American Red Cross and the good people of San Francisco, with a hot meal and attention to all their needs.

California dignitaries salute the Belgian Soldiers, as they stand for inspection, and await to "Pass and Revue".

The soldiers of the Belgian Expeditionary Corps, proudly march down the street, in a parade held in their honor, by the city of Sacramento, California, for their important contribution to the war effort in Russia.

Belgian soldiers and American citizens alike, join and mingle together in front of the California state capitol in Sacramento, California.

Before they head home, these Belgian soldiers take advantage of one more stop in the United States at Niagara Falls, New York, and enjoy it's beauty, before they board their ship for home.

The Belgian Expeditionary Corps
When it first set sail, the Belgian armored car force numbered 333 Belgians, all volunteers. In Russia 33 Russians joined its ranks. Counting reinforcements and replacements, 444 Belgians passed through the ranks. There were 58 vehicles of which 12 were armored cars plus 23 motor-bikes and 120 bicycles. 16 Belgians were killed in action while in Russia. Only one armored car was lost, which was captured by German forces, and is said to have been used in Berlin, during the insurrections in 1919.

The Belgian armored car force was then recalled to Belgium, but had a difficult time returning home. The trip back to Archangel being unfeasible, the Belgians, much like the Czech Legion, had to follow the Trans-Siberian railway, they then crossed northern China, and ultimately arrived in Vladivostok. On April 18th, 1918 they boarded an American vessel, the SS Sheridan and sailed to San Francisco. From there they traveled on a much acclaimed, and widely publicized trip through the United States, and sailed from New York on June 15th 1918, finally reaching Paris two weeks later. They were disbanded shortly afterwards. The last member who belonged to the Belgian Expeditionary Corps in Russia, died in 1992.

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