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Rena' Rosselt's Private Photo Album page 1
Rena Rosselt, A World War I Soldiers Photo Album
The following photographs and/or newspaper articles are from Rena' Rosselt's private photo album. It was started by Rena' while he, and his fellow Belgian soldiers were en route to Russia, but it was not to be for Rena' to finish his album, for he was killed in action before he could complete it, but one of his comrades did finish it for him, including photos of Rena' Rosselt's funeral, and some photos of the places the Expeditionary Corps went too, while they were traveling home to Belgium.
It became a commemorative of his death, and the deaths of the other 15 Belgian casualties, while the Belgian Expeditionary Corps was fighting in Russia.

Belgium National Anthem

While en route for Russia, Rena' is shown, standing proudly with his rifle and fellow soldier, aboard the British vessel, SS Wray Castle, in September of 1915.

Shortly after arriving in Russia, this photo of Rena' (sitting in center)
and fellow crewmen was taken next to their Morse armored motor-car.

While in a Russian village, Rena' (standing next to Russian)
and a fellow crewman, take time to pose by their Morse armored motor-car, with a Russian officer.

Rena' shown posed in a Russian uniform.
When this photo was taken, Rena' had only a few more hours, or maybe minutes to live, if you can read the date on this photo, it says 2-7-17, which is July 2nd, 1917, the very day Rena' was killed in action.

This photo was taken July 2, 1917, showing Rena' lying mortally wounded, while his comrades look on in sorrow and consternation.

The funeral in Tarnopol on July 4th, 1917. In the first photo, Belgian soldiers act as honor guard for Rena', as his body is carried by a Russian funeral carriage.

A Russian military band accompanies Rena' Rosselt's funeral as villagers look on.

Rena' standing by a Russian peasants home..

A page from Rena' Rosselt's private photo album, you can see Rena' sitting with some Russian peasants, in the middle bottom photo.

A raid, using the Blind'ee armored motor-car, by Belgian troops at Galacia.

This is a news article, showing the Belgian Expeditionary Corps in action. The armored cars and the artillery, are setting up an offensive position at Galicia to attack the Austrians..

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